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Thanks for the reply - your line 12, where you used sed to enable the module does not work for me. Unfortunately the ‘rtc-pcf2127a' module needed to operate the RasClock, is not in the default Linux kernel provided by Raspbian. Considering I've only been fiddling with the GNU/Linux system for three years (evenings occasionally) I reckon that's pretty cool bananas as I was completely computer illiterate before then. So really I should unmark this thread "Solved" as I have not figured out how to write to /sys/class/rtc/rtc0/wakealarm, but instead have figured out a work around. Source

ssh didn't come up on boot, so I started it manually. sudo apt-get -y install build-essential gcc make cmake i2c-tools mkdir devel cd devel wget https://github.com/raspberrypi/linux/archive/rpi-3.6.y.tar.gz wget https://github.com/afterthoughtsoftware/linux/commit/fd5ff2d88f470ed70ff58393eee61110b181816a.patch tar vxzf rpi-3.6.y.tar.gz cd linux-rpi-3.6.y/ SUW=`pwd` patch -p1 < ../fd5ff2d88f470ed70ff58393eee61110b181816a.patch zcat /proc/config.gz > .config I need to experiment to see how the two clocks compare. apt-get remove fake-hwclock rm /etc/cron.hourly/fake-hwclock update-rc.d -f fake-hwclock remove rm /etc/init.d/fake-hwclock Enable the ‘hwclock.sh' script (part of util-linux), instead: update-rc.d hwclock.sh enable It's now time to boot the new kernel.

rtc_pcf2127a 2491 0 i2c_bcm2708 3759 0 Also, nothing in dmesg. Usage: /etc/init.d/rsyslog {start|stop|rotate|restart|force-reload|status} * ERROR: rsyslog failed to stop error: unable to read /etc/insserv.conf at /lib/rc/bin/lsb.pl line 19. I had exactly the same problem with not being to write to wakealarm (or read it). in the howto, intermediate script is suggested to be in "/sbin/hwclock" and you are told to move the original "/sbin/hwclock" to " /sbin/hwclock.dist" if i understand it right.

Reply Trackbacks and Pingbacks: How accurately can the Raspberry Pi keep time? « Remi Bergsma's blog - May 12, 2013 […] Just like virtual hardware, the Raspberry Pi has no hardware Also trying$ cat /proc/driver/rtc showed that there was no alarm pending. Usage: hostname.sh [start|stop] * ERROR: hostname.sh failed to stop error: unable to read /etc/insserv.conf at /lib/rc/bin/lsb.pl line 19. * Saving dependency cache ... [ ok ] error: unable to read /etc/insserv.conf Rate this:Share this:TwitterLinkedInGoogleFacebookMorePinterestTumblrRedditEmailPrintLike this:Like Loading...

I have searched /etc/init.d and I cannot find this script, anyone have a solution for this?Code: Select allsudo apt-get install usbutils

Reading package lists... Or is it where you have to make the line %mythtv ALL = NOPASSWD: /sbin/shutdown, /bin/sh, /usr/bin/setwakeup.sh in the sudoers file. Reply  Gerald 2 June 2013 at 18:49 Do you know if the build instructions still work? Tango Icons © Tango Desktop Project.

But as it made no difference I have reset hwclock.conf back to it's original setting.) Each change was done then tested after a reboot with: sudo sh -c "echo 0 > if [ -w /etc ] && [ ! -f /etc/adjtime ] && [ ! -e /etc/adjtime ]; then printf "0.0 0 0.0\n0\nUTC\n" > /etc/adjtime fi if [ -d /run/udev ] || It only seemed to shutdown busybox-syslogd and then rebooted the box. I am completely stuffed here, and currently the machine stays on 24/7 when it only needs to be on for around 4-5 hours a day.

quidquid latine dictum sit altum viditur - Whatever is said in Latin sounds profound Adv Reply Quick Navigation Mythbuntu Top Site Areas Settings Private Messages Subscriptions Who's Online Search Forums mount: you must specify the filesystem type [FAIL] Cannot check root file system because it is not mounted read-only. ... if head -n 3 /etc/adjtime | tail -n 1 | grep -q '^UTC$' ; then UTC="--utc" else UTC= fi # Copies Hardware Clock time to System Clock using the correct # Usage: mountnfs-bootclean.sh [start|stop] * ERROR: mountnfs-bootclean.sh failed to stop error: unable to read /etc/insserv.conf at /lib/rc/bin/lsb.pl line 19.

Blonddeeni. this contact form Again, another hold-over from 8.10 that I just blindly copied. (We turn everything off when we leave the house, so no interweb here until we flick the power on at the Works for #cloudstack too! How can I build rtc-pcf2127a module?

Usage: /lib/rc/sh/gendepends.sh start|stop error: unable to read /etc/insserv.conf at /lib/rc/bin/lsb.pl line 19. and .config contains patch unexpectedly ends in middle of line Any thoughts, since I'm a bit stumped. Nah, tried that avenue several times). http://webjak.net/unable-to/unable-to-read-local-eventlog-reason-the-event-log-file-has-changed-between-read-operations.html Reported by: Axel Beckert Date: Sun, 5 Jan 2014 15:09:07 UTC Severity: important Found in version openrc/0.12.4+20131230-3 Fixed in version openrc/0.12.4+20131230-4 Done: Thomas Goirand Bug is archived.

Reply  Dave 28 January 2014 at 19:54 Good hint, thanks! To install the binary package: wget http://afterthoughtsoftware.com/files/linux-image-3.6.11-atsw-rtc_1.0_armhf.deb dpkg -i linux-image-3.6.11-atsw-rtc_1.0_armhf.deb cp /boot/vmlinuz-3.6.11-atsw-rtc+ /boot/kernel.img The binary package is nice and quick for testing. You signed out in another tab or window.

When you reboot, the RasClock will be available as /dev/rtc0.

dmesg The kernel ring buffer should list something like this: [ 32.737903] rtc-pcf2127a 1-0051: chip found [ 32.739712] rtc-pcf2127a 1-0051: rtc core: registered rtc-pcf2127a as rtc0 [ 32.739775] i2c i2c-1: new_device: There were three changes I had done. 1) Removed the "Network Manager" program. if [ -w /etc ] && [ ! -f /etc/adjtime ] && [ ! -e /etc/adjtime ]; then printf "0.0 0 0.0\n0\nUTC" > /etc/adjtime fi if [ -d /run/udev ] || Cancel reply Enter your comment here...

Modules load, but there's nothing to indicate it's working - shouldn't the modules have some sort of dependency? After looking at it I found the clue I was looking for. Next by Date: Re: [Libreboot] Reading the hardware clock Previous by thread: Re: [Libreboot] Reading the hardware clock Next by thread: Re: [Libreboot] Reading the hardware clock Index(es): Date Thread Check This Out hwclock: Cannot access the Hardware Clock via any known method.

You risk serious clock # misbehaviour otherwise. ### BEGIN INIT INFO # Provides: hwclock # Required-Start: mountdevsubfs # Required-Stop: $local_fs # Default-Start: S # X-Start-Before: checkroot # Default-Stop: 0 6 ### Thank you also for your response, as it's making me think and recheck what I had done. While the ssh session where I typed "reboot" is still there, hence, the system hasn't rebooted yet, I endlessly get the following messages on the console, despite they rather look like You see, the .config is used from the current running kernel.

Checksums-Sha1: 529e09081f3d4540430ca354529537c08b255e2e 2160 openrc_0.12.4+20131230-4.dsc fa0ea1c97c454312fa8fec5f46c36beedc6a1cc5 18413 openrc_0.12.4+20131230-4.debian.tar.gz 036001c7fb3fd8289e33253144a953c20c8b1d98 83096 openrc_0.12.4+20131230-4_amd64.deb d2de3d0dd8e689a94847164bde4fe4bf0051b994 196688 openrc-dbg_0.12.4+20131230-4_amd64.deb 71eb6d8d5c8d1391f448779c5bf105136420c285 22942 librc1_0.12.4+20131230-4_amd64.deb 3fbca936ef62b9a443b6a1029a1db1ac095c5e31 19714 librc-dev_0.12.4+20131230-4_amd64.deb 7131e83ad88d0a041b7cbd93d86c09da81a95f12 10656 libeinfo1_0.12.4+20131230-4_amd64.deb 48f524a5f1f13be09a6ab7190391ebfa0e67608e 7746 libeinfo-dev_0.12.4+20131230-4_amd64.deb Checksums-Sha256: 224527c1eb7d867000a29a30b1a0872314822973aec454b58a12a3bed1621599 2160 openrc_0.12.4+20131230-4.dsc 94d08b8928822250ec24490ead52f89596513f7fd775f03a4906cf7fc200333d 18413 Thanks to Axel Beckert for finding this out and his bug report. * Now conflicts with file-rc (Closes: #734406), thanks to Michael Gilbert for reporting the problem. If the syntax of the command (i.e. I am about to reveal my ignorance here, I have to read your post very slowly and carefully to try and understand it. (Mr Thicky, that's me. ) I think that

Time > and date are now correct but only until I reboot, when I get the boot-time > error and it's 1969 again. > > I tried the generic instructions here Posts: 2Joined: Sun Oct 21, 2012 3:32 pm by notarat » Mon Oct 22, 2012 9:39 am I too seem to be receiving this error now whenever I try to apt-get Copy sent to [email protected], Roger Leigh . (Sun, 05 Jan 2014 15:09:12 GMT) Full text and rfc822 format available. I'm guessing an update was to blame, but I could never get to the bottom of which one.

Make sure to load the needed modules: cat >> /etc/modules <

This hardware clock needs to be very precise. Wheeee. In my 8.10 Mythbuntu to get it working I had to change the "wakealarm" ownership to mythtv:mythtv, and just assumed that I'd have to do the same in 11.04. Send a report that this bug log contains spam.

Reply  Luis 10 March 2014 at 23:24 Hi Remi, congratulations for your blog, I found it looking for information after installing an expansión board on my raspberry. Usage: motd [start|stop|status] * ERROR: motd failed to stop error: unable to read /etc/insserv.conf at /lib/rc/bin/lsb.pl line 19. [ ok ] Usage: /lib/rc/sh/runscript.sh start. * ERROR: kmod failed to stop error: Usage: checkroot.sh [start|stop] * ERROR: checkroot.sh failed to stop error: unable to read /etc/insserv.conf at /lib/rc/bin/lsb.pl line 19. [ ok ] Usage: hwclock.sh {start|stop|reload|force-reload|show}. [ ok ] start sets kernel (system)