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Unable To Queue The Tcl Request

FlightAware's repositories are available on GitHub for public use, discussion, bug reports, and contribution. If -batch is specified the request is a batch object and that is used as the source of the statement(s). If -ifnotexists is specified then the row is only inserted if it doesn't already exist. This can be changed with this method; use zero to disable connection heartbeats. $cassdb whitelist_filtering ?hostList? Source

Attempts to connect to the specified database, optionally setting the keyspace. My build fails attempting to use the TCL library My job will not start, failing with the message 'cannot send job to mom, state=PRERUN' How do I determine what version of In the example above, the host 'login2' is not configured to be trusted. Without further configuration a default local data center is chosen from the first connected contact point and no remote hosts are considered in query plans.

The client command fails only if all its retries fail. To reconstruct a database (excluding the job database) First, print out the old data with this command: %> qmgr -c "p s" # # Create queues and set their attributes. # Note on batch performance Batching isn't for performance.

event manager applet High_CPU event snmp oid get-type exact entry-op ge entry-val "75" poll-interval 0.500 action 0.0 syslog msg "High CPU DETECTED. However, most EEM policies are short (i.e. set cass [::casstcl::cass create #auto] $cass exec "insert into foo ..." ...or... Cannot connect to server: error=15034 This error occurs in TORQUE clients (or their APIs) because TORQUE cannot find the server_name file and/or the PBS_DEFAULT environment variable is not set.

Defaults to 2. $cassdb max_concurrent_creation $numConnections Sets the maximum number of connections that will be created concurrently. If you use this style and you change a data type in the schema you also have to change it in the code. Please wait - logging Information to flash:high_cpu.txt" action 0.1 cli command "enable" action 0.2 cli command "show clock | append flash:high_cpu.txt" action 1.2 cli command "term length 0" action 1.3 cli Fortuately, manually stopping and restarting all of >the ISS processes resolved the issue. > >Jason Baeder >CISSP, GCIA > > >--- "Bashir, Shabbir" wrote: > > > >>ALL, >>We have

If error-only is specified and the callback from the cassandra cpp-driver indicates the asynchronous request was successful, the future object is deleted and the callback is not taken. Be sure to increase the loglevel on MOM if you don't see anything. The sensors are on different > XPU and SP levels. Casstcl library functions The library functions such as download_schema, list_schema, list_tables, etc, have been removed.

If true it allows remote hosts to be used to no local data center hosts are available and the consistency level is one or quorum. $cassdb token_aware_routing $enabled Configures the cluster In this case we were able to approach the box with the sysadmin. Assuming most requests are succeeding this greatly reduces invocations of the Tcl interpreter, and can bring a major performance increase. If -consistency is specified it is the consistency level to use for any created statement(s).

EEM event detector processes run at a medium priority, so they have the potential of affected process like IP SNMP. http://webjak.net/unable-to/unable-to-submit-to-queue-compressor-4-1.html See More Log in or register to post comments sasadhar.roy Tue, 02/23/2016 - 03:32 Hi, I've implemented the below script but however i am getting authorization failed. Reload to refresh your session. interact cassdb Enter a primitive cqlsh-like shell.

Exec and select can kind of hide the future object to make things simpler. set ::positionsPrepped [$::cass prepare #auto hummingbird.latest_positions_by_facility "INSERT INTO hummingbird.latest_positions_by_facility (facility, hexid, c, s, type, ident, t, alt, clock, gs, heading, lat, lon, reg, squawk, aircrafttype) values (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, If -prepared is specified it is the name of a prepared statement object and the final argument is a list of key value pairs where the key corresponds to the name have a peek here Requires CPP driver >= v2.3.0 $cassdb keyspaces Return a list of all of the keyspaces known to the cluster. $cassdb tables $keyspace Return a list of all of the tables within

FlightAware FlightAware has released over a dozen applications (under the free and liberal BSD license) into the open source community. The default is 1. $cassdb max_concurrent_requests_threshold $numRequests Sets the threshold for the maximum number of concurrent requests in-flight on a connection before creating a new connection. When I googled for this error, I saw a post from >>this mailing list >>(archives.neohapsis.com/archives/iss/2004-q3/0079.html) that mentions >>the same issue. >>First I thought, I should install all the XPU's, but one

The third value will be the output of the cpp-drivers cass_error_desc() call, returning a result such as "Invalid query".

This is used to verify the peer's certificate. $cassdb ssl_verify_flag $flag This sets the verification that the client will perform on the peer's certificate. Reinitializing the server database will reset the next jobid to 1 qsub will not allow the submission of jobs requesting many processors TORQUE's definition of a node is context sensitive and The default is 1. $cassdb queue_size_io $queueSize Sets the size of the the fixed size queue that stores pending requests. Quote the value according to the field columnName in table table.

The default is disabled. $cassdb load_balance_round_robin Requests that the driver discover all nodes in a cluster and cycles through the per request. There are different queues for security events and user defined events. Make sure the file exists, has proper permissions, and that the version of TORQUE you are running was built with the proper directory settings. http://webjak.net/unable-to/unable-to-queue-video.html Default 100. $cassdb *max_requests_per_flush $numRequests Set the maximum number of requests processed by an I/O worker per flush.

Otherwise register the policy as registration run-type user.The class keyword is used to specify which scheduling class the policy will be assigned to. usedHostsPerRemoteDC is the number of hosts used in each remote data center if no hosts are available in the local data center. Other policies may require periodic polling (i.e. The callback routine will be invoked with a single argument, which is the name of the future object created (such as ::future17) when the request was made. $cassdb exec ?-callback callbackRoutine?

If -nocomplain is specified then unknown arguments in the upsert key-value list will be silently ignored. If a valid Cisco digital signature is found, register the policy as registration run-type system. When I googled for this error, I saw a post from > this mailing list > (archives.neohapsis.com/archives/iss/2004-q3/0079.html) that mentions > the same issue. > First I thought, I should install all This should contain the entire certificate chain starting with the certificate itself. $cassdb ssl_private_key $pemFormattedCertString $password This sets the client-side private key.

hardware or disk failure), a job running on that node can be purged from the output of qstat using the qdel -p command or can be removed manually using the following The default for the server operators / managers list is [email protected] qsub reports 'Bad UID for job execution' [[email protected]]$ qsub test.job qsub: Bad UID for job execution Job submission hosts must be explicitly specified within TORQUE or enabled via RCmd security mechanisms This one was a Win2K system that dropped communication with SiteProtector.

jeden Monats IT-Sicherheits-Experten beim BDG-Security-Point! Limit cassandra host connection attempts to the set of hosts provided in hostList. Rating 1 2 3 4 5 Overall Rating: 4.9 (13 ratings) Log in or register to post comments Comments Collapse all Recent replies first [emailprotected] Wed, 02/23/2011 - 05:21 Good info. Sometimes you may like to go synchronously because given the nature of your application you're willing to wait for the result and you don't want to jack around with callbacks, yadda.

Feb 23, 2015 README.md CassTcl, a Tcl language interface to the Cassandra database CassTcl provides a Tcl interface to the Cassandra database using the cpp-driver C/C++ API.