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Unable To Query Vpd Pages From Device

grok { match => [ "message", "(?i)Lost access to volume.*(%{GREEDYDATA:lost_datastore})" ] add_tag => "achtung" add_field => { "alert" => "Lost access to volume" } } } else if [message] =~ /(?i)Long Systems Analyst II, Phoenix, AZ, We are looking for a Linux/Unix expert (Red Hat/Solaris). Michael Hampton 4:13 AM I might need another coffee for this... WesleyDavid 4:59 AM @ewwhite Not bad. http://webjak.net/unable-to/unable-to-query-vpd-pages.html

Checking my HBA’s connected to the SAN: cd /vmfs/devices/disksand list: ls vmh* vmhba1:0:1:0 vmhba1:0:2:1 vmhba1:0:4:0 vmhba1:0:5:1 vmhba1:0:7:0 vmhba2:0:0:1 vmhba2:0:0:3 vmhba2:0:0:6 vmhba2:0:0:9 vmhba1:0:1:1 vmhba1:0:3:0 vmhba1:0:4:1 vmhba1:0:6:0 vmhba1:0:7:1 vmhba2:0:0:10 vmhba2:0:0:4 vmhba2:0:0:7 vmhba1:0:2:0 vmhba1:0:3:1 Just some accidents, and car trouble, and irritating financial institution decisions have got them scraping the bottom of the barrel for a little while. Click Cancel to terminate this session. # <13>2014-12-22T01:01:01Z esx.vmware.com root: Unable to extract system configuration. It looks awesome.

Which it is in theory... I'm kicking around a few possibiilties. mutate { add_tag => "achtung" add_field => { "alert" => "Cant_find_datastore" } } } else if [message] =~ /(?i)VsanSparseWarnUnsupportedIoctl/{ # <180>2015-06-27T10:50:37.058Z esx.vmware.com vmkwarning: cpu0:33140)WARNING: VSAN: VsanSparseWarnUnsupportedIoctl:3795: Throttled: VsanSparse does not support

ewwhite Remember, my systems look like this: [[email protected]_Specialty ~]# df -h Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/cciss/c0d0p2 20G 3.5G 15G 19% / /dev/cciss/c0d0p7 3.0G 74M 2.7G 3% /tmp /dev/cciss/c0d0p6 Ryan Ries I got on the short list the one time I interviewed with Microsoft, but my heart wasn't really in it and I didn't get the job... I am able to run a stable ping and vmkping to the SAN without any lost packets (same gigE switch). May 9 16:36:03 vobd: May 09 16:36:03.448: 17206555428us: [vob.scsi.scsipath.pathstate.on] scsiPath vmhba33:C0:T0:L0 changed state from dead.

WesleyDavid (On my iPhone now) Can't easily move, no. I like the idea of very fast access L2 cache disks on SSD (should speed up commodity SAN type hardware). Usually Local devices device don’t have page 83 information, but they do contain page 80 information. ewwhite and maybe I'm dense...

Guess it makes sense that a dying battery might sound like that. @WesleyDavid For how easily they're deleted, or totally purged at the slightest whiff of... WesleyDavid And you're in luck because I totally revamped my Careers / LinkedIn / Dice profile earlier this week dagnabbit ewwhite @MichaelHampton So the new customer is actually one I Crap, one of these days when I get spare minute, I'll have to read up on how to properly setup the HP management softwares. ewwhite 5:23 AM @WesleyDavid Strava @WesleyDavid I used to consult and host MapMyRide.

thnx in advance. Ryan Ries @WesleyDavid Never seen anything quite like that WesleyDavid Zero insight into what the company is. Locate partners—or learn about becoming one.Find EMC PartnersEMC Business Partner ProgramBecome an EMC ResellerPartner CommunityPartner PortalRSA PartnersDell PartnerDirectContact UsPartner with EMC today.Live ChatContact SalesCall 1-866-438-3622Call 1-866-438-3622Company InformationKeep up with the news, We replaced the drive and it successfully rebuilt.

Won't rule it out. this contact form You convinced me not to build a bike from scratch. How do I avoid it? ewwhite 5:16 AM Inertrak - inertron.com/inertrak/index.html WesleyDavid @ewwhite TY.

grok { match => [ "message", "(?naa\.[a-f0-9]+)" ] } } if [message] =~ /(?i)MB/ { # <181>2014-12-10T18:50:27.101Z esx.vmware.com vmkernel: cpu11:1674338)VMotionSend: 3508: 1418237421145920 S: Sent all modified pages to destination (network bandwidth May 9 16:35:58 Hostd: [2012-05-09 16:35:58.743 47CE2B90 error 'App'] Unable to build Durable Name dependent properties: Unable to query VPD pages from device, all paths are dead, no I/O possible. Ryan Ries Yeah being an independent consultant is hard work. have a peek here ewwhite They're the same processor generation, so it's seamless but yes, you can use different generations of CPU WesleyDavid @ewwhite Proc generation makes it impossible?

May 9 16:36:03 vmkernel: 0:04:46:46.555 cpu11:4134)vmw_psp_fixed: psp_fixedSelectPathToActivateInt: Changing active path from NONE to vmhba33:C0:T0:L0 for device "t10.9454450000000000C5544A6D0391F67FD6598A8260293F4F". ewwhite @HopelessN00b Oh? Report Abuse Like Show 0 Likes (0) 5.

vmware-esxi share|improve this question edited May 9 '12 at 21:41 Community♦ 1 asked May 9 '12 at 17:16 Suinswofi 612 When you navigate to the Configuration tab -> Storage

Reload to refresh your session. « first day (840 days earlier) ← previous day next day → last day (1454 days later) » 00:00 - 03:0003:00 - 21:0021:00 - 00:00 jscott Ultimately, prevent IP theft, fraud, and cybercrime.Explore products and solutions from RSA.Visit RSA.comOverviewEnterprise Network HardwareSwitchesRouters and Wireless NetworkingOverviewDocumentumLEAPInfoArchiveOverviewDell LaptopsDell DesktopsDell Thin Clients and VDI ProductsNo results foundNo results foundMODERN DATA CENTERGet maybe 2005 Michael Hampton @ewwhite Actually I know what's going on there. The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down.

Numerous VMs were down, some of those with warning messages like Orphaned and Inaccessible. Except maybe for the few weeks leading up to the gold install ewwhite 4:49 AM Just get the $500 product. Has anyone done this already, can these scripts or procedures be shared. ? http://webjak.net/unable-to/unable-to-query-ocfs2-device.html I can present logical drives to the OS.

Infrastructure Consultant by IT-Value. Host core dumps will be saved. It's not like MegaCLI @WesleyDavid Virtualization? Because I'm really not sure what you're capable of anymore.

I'm unsure why php was excluded since I didn't do any modifications to the file. Validate Random Die Tippers What are these boxes mounted inline on each of the 3 phase wires of a high voltage power line in Miami? Michael Hampton @ewwhite OK, so here's the deal. I'm just super grumpy today.

Represent LUN’s from HP ACU to ESX hosts: I unpresent and represented the LUN’s in the HP ACU to the hosts, did a rescan but no still no success Reservation conflicts?? and the OS gets updated to the next minor version without the appropriate kernel. no need. @WesleyDavid what's the skillset? ewwhite 5:30 AM @HopelessN00b only in two or three sites @MichaelHampton all of the worst bugs were fixed by 5.8 Michael Hampton Thank you!

Tried replacing cables and NICs (NIC are Intel PRO 1000 MT).Any ideas? 3197Views Tags: none (add) This content has been marked as final. Re: cx4-120, from VC esx 4.0 host, how troubleshoot (inactive) datastore, after rescan maynor May 4, 2011 11:16 PM (in response to sasamir) thank youi already did this but same thing, confusing Yeah, I can't help him. But the payscale is totally differnet, which is fine I guess.

output { elasticsearch { if [type] == "esxi" and "vmkwarning" in [tags] { file { path => "/var/log/vmkwarning-%{+YYYY-MM-dd}" } else if [type] == "esxi" and "achtung" in [tags] { file { it's still sitting here. ewwhite 60-day trial with all features. I totally forgot the only username/password for managing our external DNS servers...