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Unable To Query Ocfs2 Device

If you do not have the console installed, check the Appendix in the User's guide for a sample cluster.conf and the details of all the components. Disable SELinux by setting "SELINUX=disabled" in /etc/selinux/config. Legal Notices Skip navigationOracle Community DirectoryOracle Community FAQLog inRegisterMy Oracle Support Community (MOSC)SearchSearchCancelGo Directly To Oracle Technology Network CommunityMy Oracle Support CommunityOPN Cloud ConnectionOracle Employee CommunityOracle User Group CommunityTopliners CommunityOTN Speaker Sanral Sick of bad service. /bin/tar: Argument list too long Oracle, Extracting Metadata. Source

To configure the cluster stack by using the o2cb command: Use the following command to create a cluster definition. # o2cb add-cluster cluster_name For example, to define a cluster named To list the system files, do: # echo "ls -l //" | debugfs.ocfs2 -n /dev/sdX 18 16 1 2 . 18 16 2 2 .. 19 24 10 1 bad_blocks 20 NOVELL'S SLES9 and SLES10 Why are OCFS2 packages for SLES9 and SLES10 not made available on oss.oracle.com? Backups remain active on a Netezza host after failover.

This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. The numbers at the end of the system file name is the slot#. PASS tunefs_test : Testing Journal Size change tunefs_test : Initializing volume for test mkfs.ocfs2 1.8.2 fsck.ocfs2 1.8.2 tunefs.ocfs2: Unable to access cluster service while closing device "/dev/sdb1" fsck.ocfs2 1.8.2 Journal Size Re: Failed to discover OVM Server kono Dec 28, 2011 9:18 PM (in response to kono) Thanks Avi.

OVMAPI_4004E Server Failed Command: storage_plugin_listFileSystems oracle.ocfs2.OCFS2.OCFS2Plugin, Status: org.apache.xmlrpc.XmlRpcException: OSCPlugin.OperationFailedEx:'Unable to query ocfs2 devices' Wed Dec 28 10:21:24 PST 2011 Wed Dec 28 10:21:24 PST 2011 at com.oracle.ovm.mgr.action.ActionEngine.sendCommandToServer(ActionEngine.java:475) at com.oracle.ovm.mgr.action.ActionEngine.sendUndispatchedServerCommand(ActionEngine.java:427) at com.oracle.ovm.mgr.action.ActionEngine.sendServerCommand(ActionEngine.java:369) tunefs.ocfs2: Cannot enable backup superblock as backup blocks are in use If so, use the verify_backup_super script to list out the objects using these blocks. # ./verify_backup_super /dev/sdX Locating inodes using Add a node to an online cluster. LIMITS Is there a limit to the number of subdirectories in a directory?

Obtain and install the ocfs2-tools and ocfs2console packages. Truncate in Stored Procedure on Netezza. If perchance the user wishes to use panic to fence (maybe to see the familiar oops stack trace or on the advise of customer support to diagnose frequent reboots), one can An active node is deemed dead if it does not update its timestamp for O2CB_HEARTBEAT_THRESHOLD (default=7) loops.

So the file system device is limited to (2 ^ 32) * blocksize (see mkfs -b). Storing this information in files in a directory allows OCFS2 to be extensible. The DLM supports 3 lock modes: NL no lock, PR protected read and EX exclusive. The upcoming release, OCFS2 1.2.7 (EL4 and EL5), will make the above default for both EL4 and EL5.

renzhengeek referenced this issue Apr 9, 2015 Closed Discontiguous block groups tests:Change Volume Size tunefs.ocfs2: Unable to access cluster service while closing device "/dev/sdb1" #16 Sign up for free to Format the volume. Configure and start the O2CB cluster service. Checking for Moose drives Delete duplicate records in Netezza.

Operation 'NTP Service Configure' in non-job running context, not adding it to object '44:45:4c:4c:43:00:10:35:80:52:b7:c0:4f:56:4c:31'. this contact form NSF exporting. SLES10 is currently shipping OCFS2 1.2.3. Advertisement Tags11.3 11.4 12.1 12.2 12.3 13.1 13.2 amd ARM ATI Beta buildservice Build Service C-Language cloud Collaboration Community conference Education event Events Factory fglrx fun GNOME gsoc Hackweek KDE Kernel

Can you disable CTAS auto stats on Netezza ? CAT Error: File system /nz usage exceeded 95 threshold on rack1.host1 System will be stopped Hex2Dec in Python. What is fencing? have a peek here Ensure the ocfs2 init script is enabled.

RESIZE You can grow an OCFS2 file system with tunefs.ocfs2, but this will not resize the underlying partition. Restoring an oracle database, very basic. Ensure the version matches your kernel version, flavour (smp, hugemem, etc) and architecture.

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Typical Oracle DBA Responsibilities. Reload to refresh your session. When unmounting, the dlm migrated all mastered locks to another cluster node. The default and usual response is o2cb.

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O2CB_IDLE_TIMEOUT_MS - The Network Idle timeout specifies the time in miliseconds before a network connection is considered dead. Else use the FSCat tools to transfer the information. These system files can be accessed using debugfs.ocfs2. Is a workqueue thread.

just a disk device /dev/sdb no partitions and no filesystems. Install ocfs2-tools-o2cb package Do normal stack configuration using /etc/init.d/o2cb configure, but do not auto start on boot. Then the node must wait long enough to give heartbeating a chance to declare the node dead. To recover a volume using the second backup super block, do: # fsck.ocfs2 -f -r 2 /dev/sdX [RECOVER_BACKUP_SUPERBLOCK] Recover superblock information from backup block#1048576?

Is a workqueue thread started when ocfs2 module is loaded and stopped on unload. Creating a NuoDB Storage Manager. mkfs.ocfs2 fsck.ocfs2 tunefs.ocfs2 debugfs.ocfs2 mount.ocfs2 mounted.ocfs2 ocfs2cdsl ocfs2_hb_ctl o2cb_ctl o2cb - init service to start/stop the cluster ocfs2 - init service to mount/umount ocfs2 volumes ocfs2console - installed with the console Get the cluster status.

Ensure they are the same on all nodes.