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Unable To Process Deployment Descriptor For Context Axis

Apache Commons DBCP pool that Tomcat uses by default does not support it. If the ShutdownService or the container is configured with separate private key and certificate files (usually /etc/grid-security/containercert.pem and /etc/grid-security/containerkey.pem) do the following to stop the container: $ grid-proxy-init -cert /etc/grid-security/containercert.pem \ Re: Unable to process deployment descriptor for context and Mark Lassiter Nov 24, 2009 12:37 AM (in response to Mark Lassiter) Spoke too soon:The problem I'm running into is that I try { org.apache.axis2.userguide.Axis2SampleDocLitServiceStub stub = new org.apache.axis2.userguide.Axis2SampleDocLitServiceStub(null, "http://localhost:8080/axis2/services/Axis2SampleDocLitService"); //implementing the callback online org.apache.axis2.userguide.Axis2SampleDocLitServiceCallbackHandler callback = new org.apache.axis2.userguide.Axis2SampleDocLitServiceCallbackHandler() { public void receiveResultechoString( org.apache.axis2.userguide.xsd.EchoStringReturnDocument resDoc) { System.out.println(resDoc.getEchoStringReturn()); } }; org.apache.axis2.userguide.xsd.EchoStringParamDocument reqDoc = org.apache.axis2.userguide.xsd.EchoStringParamDocument.Factory.newInstance(); http://webjak.net/unable-to/unable-to-process-deployment-descriptor-for-context-web-xml.html

The next step is to package the classes in an .aar (axis2 archive) and deploy it in Axis2. While all the XML types should get registered upon deployment without intervention by the user, sometimes they do not.To remedy the situation add a typeMapping to the server-config.wsdd file under globus_wsrf_replicalocation_service. Commons Logging provides a consistent interface for instrumenting source code while at the same time allowing the user to plug-in a different logging implementation. Install V8 and above PI65506 Display proper asset list when embedded asset repo is missing during IM modify_add flow Intelligent Management Component PI59258 Dynamic Routing fails to recognize the application until

The context path and version will be derived from the base name of the file (the file name less the .xml extension). Can I disarm and immediately grapple with Tavern Brawler? The debugging settings will affect all the code in all web applications.Tomcat 5.0.x, 5.5.xCopy $GLOBUS_LOCATION/lib/common/log4j-*.jar and $GLOBUS_LOCATION/lib/common/commons-logging-*.jar files to /webapps/wsrf/WEB-INF/lib/ directory. By default it will be extracted to a directory named "axis2" and you need to rename it to "axis2.war".

Alternatively, how can I retrieve EJB from POJO.