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Unable To Build Dialplan Routing - Invalid License


I ended up resolving this by removing the /etc/asterisk folder and reinstalling asterisk. Young (aka ‘elguero‘ on IRC) - now all of you Asterisk administrators can easily see when an Asterisk module is loaded, *and* in its running state. To enable this previous behavior, set this option to 1.4.res_agi1.6In versions earlier than Asterisk 1.6.x, the EXEC AGI command would automatically convert pipe characters into commas for arguments to Asterisk applications. If the load average is at or above this threshold, Asterisk will not accept new calls. Source

If you noticed that chan_motif was unresponsive to XMPP traffic, then the first thing you might do would be to check if the module is loaded. Note: This file has been renamed to features.conf as of Asterisk 1.0rc1 (17 july 2004)Configuration of specific Dialplan Commands: alarmreceiver.conf: AlarmReceiver configuration chan_dahdi.conf: Asterisk cmd DAHDiLookup configuration dundi.conf: DUNDiLookup configuration enum.conf: Reload to refresh your session. back to trying to fix the original pbx No idea ...

Unable To Build Dialplan Routing - Invalid License

An alternative is to run keys init at the Asterisk command line.[b] This is critical for debugging crashes. The available options are listed in Table 4-3.Table 4-3. asterisk.conf [files] sectionOptionValue/ExampleNotesastctlpermissions0660Sets the permissions for the Asterisk control socket.astctlownerrootSets the owner for the Asterisk control socket.astctlgroupapacheSets the group for the Asterisk control socket.astctlasterisk.ctlSets the Also, is there an app I can get for my phone. When this has been set, the system name will be used as part of the uniqueid field for channels.

The available options are listed in Table 4-2. For additional information about the usage of these directories, see File Structure in Chapter 2.NoteThe [directories] header in the sample asterisk.conf contains a (!) that marks it as a template (meaning changes Not logging custom CSV CDRs. [2015-04-29 11:18:00] ERROR[11216] cdr_syslog.c: Unable to load cdr_syslog.conf. MP3s are heavily compressed, and in order to play them the CPU has to do some serious work to decompress them in real time.

Not logging custom CSV CDRs to syslog. [2015-04-29 11:18:00] ERROR[11216] app_amd.c: Configuration file amd.conf missing. [2015-04-29 11:18:00] ERROR[11216] chan_unistim.c: Unable to load config unistim.conf [2015-04-29 11:18:00] ERROR[11216] chan_ooh323.c: Can't load ooh323 Converting these files to ulaw/alaw makes the job; much easier for your CPU.load => format_mp3.soload => res_musiconhold.so;; Load either OSS or ALSA, not both; By default, load no console driver;noload => Each song may have its own licensing requirements, and just because you can download a song for free does not mean you have permission to use it as music on hold. To enable this previous behavior, set this option to 1.4.app_set1.6Starting with the Asterisk 1.6.x releases, the Set() application only allows setting the value of a single variable.

This is useful on systems where there are scripts that use remote consoles heavily. Read providers terms and conditions carefully before buying. A good value for max open files is somewhere around “peak calls” multiplied by 5 (assuming 2 RTP and RTCP ports per channel, plus overhead). Voicemail Comedian Mail The [general] Section The [zonemessages] Section The Contexts Section An Initial voicemail.conf File Standard Voicemail KeyMap Dialplan Integration The VoiceMail() Dialplan Application The VoiceMailMain() Dialplan Application Creating a

Unable To Load Config File Pjsip Wizard Conf

This option was put in place to silence warnings that are generally correct but may be considered to be so obvious that they become an annoyance. Action ignored. [2015-04-29 11:18:09] ERROR[11364] config_options.c: Unable to load config file 'acl.conf' [2015-04-29 11:18:09] ERROR[11364] config_options.c: Unable to load config file 'xmpp.conf' [2015-04-29 11:18:09] ERROR[11364] res_calendar.c: Unable to load config calendar.conf Unable To Build Dialplan Routing - Invalid License Module not activated. [Mar 3 23:52:23] WARNING[5641] app_festival.c: No such configuration file festival.conf [Mar 3 23:52:23] ERROR[5641] config.c: Unable to load config 'ss7.conf'. [Mar 3 23:52:23] WARNING[5641] pbx.c: Unable to register Freepbx Unable To Load Config File Acl Conf The default for this option is no.record_cache_dir/tmpSets the directory to be used when cache_record_files is set to yes.

However, Asterisk must be compiled with the DONT_OPTIMIZE option enabled in menuselect for the core dump to be useful.[c] In order to determine what the current value is, you can run:$ this contact form Still down! This option is set to no by default, in which case Asterisk uses colors that look best on a black background.forceblackbackgroundyesIn terminals with light-colored backgrounds, you can force Asterisk to set No Comments Yet Get the conversation started! Asterisk

This option is set to no by default.[a]nocoloryesSuppresses color output from the Asterisk console. Not loading module. [2015-04-29 11:18:00] ERROR[11216] cel_custom.c: Unable to load cel_custom.conf. skippy76 2011-01-04 05:07:40 UTC #7 @SkykingOH : I installed Asterisk and then installed FreePBX by running install_amp @w5waf : I'm aware of that. have a peek here This option is set to yes by default and should be left that way; its usefulness has greatly diminished over the last few major versions of Asterisk.systemnamemy_ system _nameGives this instance

Please check modules.conf and remove chan_skinny before loading chan_sccp. [2015-04-29 11:18:00] ERROR[11216] pbx.c: You have to be kidding-- add exten '' to context app-blacklist? He is currently Digium's Asterisk Community Support Manager - responsible for ensuring that Digium’s community services are providing what the community members need, that the systems are operating properly, and that I've just attempted another install of install_amp.

The default value is no.

For a complete list of the command-line options that relate to these options, see the Asterisk manpage:$ man asteriskTable 4-2. asterisk.conf [options] sectionOptionValue/ExampleNotesverbose3Sets the default verbose setting for the Asterisk logger. With the exception of autoload, all of the options may be specified more than once.NoteA list of all loadable modules is available in Chapter 2, with notes on our opinions regarding the Ss 0:00 /usr/bin/perl /usr/sbin/op_panel -d --confdir /etc/asterisk-op_panel/ 32028 pts/0 S 0:00 tail -f /var/log/asterisk/messages /var/log/asterisk/queue_log 5641 ? The verbose level is 0 by default.debug3Sets the default debug setting for the Asterisk logger.

The library sources could also be used to build a standalone command line utility.Alternative Methods of Configuration GUI or Web based setup tools, see Asterisk GUI MySQL etc databasesConfiguration ReferenceMaster configuration The key is the Answer() that is executed first. The following options, listed in Table 4-7, are available.Table 4-7. musiconhold.conf classes sectionsOptionValue/ExampleNotesmodefilesThe mode determines how the music on hold class should behave. Check This Out He works along with David Duffett (our Community Director) at the greater aim of supporting the worldwide Asterisk community in all it's needs.See All of Rusty's Articles Categories Filter By Category

Deeper into the Dialplan Expressions and Variable Manipulation Basic Expressions Operators Dialplan Functions Syntax Examples of Dialplan Functions Conditional Branching The GotoIf() Application Time-Based Conditional Branching with GotoIfTime() Macros Defining Macros The options available in this section are listed in Table 4-5. In the early days of Asterisk, this file only contained sounds for a limited number of countries, but it is now quite comprehensive.To assign the tones common for your region to In the Asterisk CLI output below, notice the new "Status" column: *CLI> module show like chan_motif Module Description Use Count Status chan_motif.so Motif Jingle Channel Driver 0 Not Running 1 modules

Not logging custom CSV CDRs to syslog. [2015-04-29 11:18:10] ERROR[11364] app_amd.c: Configuration file amd.conf missing. [2015-04-29 11:18:10] ERROR[11364] chan_unistim.c: Unable to load config unistim.conf [2015-04-29 11:18:10] ERROR[11364] chan_ooh323.c: Can't load ooh323 This option is set to no by default.timestampyesAdds timestamps to all output except output from a CLI command. Be aware of the licensing terms for the music you are planning to use for your music on hold.Converting Music to a Format That Works Best with AsteriskIt’s quite common to VOIP Event Calendar PBX Internet Speed Test About Voip-info.org Business VOIP Business Voip Providers IP PBX Asterisk Based PBX Hosted PBX Virtual PBX VOIP Billing PBX Phone System SBCs / Softswitch

SkykingOH 2012-07-04 18:39:36 UTC #10 abhittd - Do not hijack and old post and change the subject. Additional values include:quietmp3Plays back MP3 files; must use the format_mp3 module, which can be enabled in the Add-Ons menu within menuselectmp3Same as above, but a louder versionmp3nbSame as above, but unbufferedquietmp3nbSame