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Difficulty Feeling Emotions


I agree that a-lexi-thymia (no words for feelings) may not be the most revealing way to term what we know as alexithymic behaviour …. Neuropsychologia. I knew already she was like that (I had been warned) and did not get upset, and it actually ended with her becoming sort of friendly. It is experienced by both children and adults and can come in mild, moderate and severe forms. Source

Have you ever tried talking about this, especially with a trained, professional marriage counselor? You might ask, "How did my voice sound?" or "What do you think I am feeling?" It may help to be more specific, like "Do I sound nervous to you?" or Also, there are suggested ways to help people with apraxia. The description of the condition matches exactly how I began to feel after a few months on anti-depressants.

Difficulty Feeling Emotions

I suspect that I wouldn't have to worry about my emotions at all if it were not for her. I'm not really certain who I can talk to to help. If there are any others out there who want to know how I recovered, feel free to ask, but it won't help you much." Like you said I don't think talking Consider explaining your needs in briefer terms, "I'm feeling tired, I don't want to cook.

She began pounding on a pillow and letting out incredible rage against her father. There is definitely a moment of choice when you notice you are having a feeling and then can do something with it. Alexithymia isn't a clinical diagnosis like autism. Alexithymia Treatment Suddenly, she couldn't walk on one leg.

Reply Terra says: January 31, 2013 at 3:25 pm I have a lot of issues with this as well; I know I'm feeling something but I'll be damned if I can Alexithymia Test All of this has a point, and it’s not that I enjoy talking about myself. Measuring alexithymia: reliability, validity, and prevalence. Don't tell me.

I try to always be reasonable rather than let my emotions control me. Difficulty Expressing Emotions She had developed a problem in one of her legs when she was taking her daughter to meet a plane. I wonder if that's why a lot of people on the autism spectrum also have problems with anxiety and panic attacks? Whenever something bad happens in real life, say death or something, I honestly cannot identify what I feel.

Alexithymia Test

Reply catesmom says: January 31, 2013 at 10:48 am This has provided me such insight into the working of my 14 year old daughter's mind. Either they don't use those abilities, or they develop hugely imaginative fantasy worlds which are so far removed from the real world that they don't have to seek cross-over. Difficulty Feeling Emotions Yet I still feel happiness and sadness. Alexithymia Meaning Other times, I am unable to feel empathy for those I care the most about, while other times I break down crying over a stranger's misfortune.

Treatments for ADHD, such as ritalin, work by increasing tonic dopamine levels, so that the brain mechanisms responsible for prolonged attention are getting the correct signals to maintain attention. P.S. So the question would be "Do you feel sorry for John? Why or why not?" My answer would always be something like "I don't feel sorry for John. Alexithymia Symptoms

So which is it? maybe you're looking for a man. MM Posted 01 August 2006 at 05:49 pm Didn't know this had been re-run. 1st: how to tell if you really are this way, Why do you think so? have a peek here It's free!

This isn't a connection I would make on my own, but once I see it described as part of alexithymia-like so much about my autistic self-it suddenly makes perfect sense. Alexithymia Causes The mind usually combines emotional information with rational when imagining scenarios, but the alexithymics' will be missing any emotional content. Maccoy never showed emotion he wouldn't be a likeable character.

Again, can't relate to those at all!

PMID11015624. Infact, communicating with emotion is the mode of the strong, the confident and the giving. I snapped out of it one night while sitting around playing a boring computer game (Minesweeper), instead of celebrating Christmas. Alexithymia Pronunciation I’m present in the moment and content to be so. " BINGO!

I just know it was awful. Most persons concerned are not aware about this deficit and usually they are just recognizing it in contact with others, especially close friends, within their family or their partner.These pages should Strongly Agree Agree Undecided Disagree Strongly DisagreeQuestion 32: My imagination is often spontaneous, unpredictable and involuntary. Check This Out Reply littleostow says: February 1, 2013 at 1:55 am Thank you for writing such a great piece!

Reading literary fiction improves theory of mind. Smaller-scale studies point to the prevalence as being from 5 to 9 percent.