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How To Start Sybase Database On Windows


Trying dbinit and dbeng10 also resulted in the same SQL (-80) error. > > Then open ISQL, connecting to the newly genarated database > , and run the rebuild.sql file that It takes just 2 minutes to sign up (and it's free!). see also “Encryption connection parameter [ENC]” in Chapter 4, “Connection and Communication Parameters” in the System Administration Guide: Volume 1. -ek Provided after the file name of a strongly encrypted database. All recovery actions reexecute the next time the database is opened. check over here

In general, Sybase recommends that you do not run multiple databases with a Sybase IQ server. -iqmsgnum num Specifies the number of archives of the old message log maintained by the Thanks > > > > > I am not familiar with the specific sample so you can > > act as my eyes on ears. Recovery options -iqfrec dbname Marks the specified database as in use and restores the IQ portion of the database to its last known consistent state. If it is an USER > DSN, IIS may not see it (by default).

How To Start Sybase Database On Windows

Used in conjunction with -zs. -zo file Redirects request-level logging information to a file separate from the regular log file. Alternatively, you can enable this feature using the remember_last_statement option of the sa_server_option system procedure. The default is 4400 (72 hours), so that a user running a long query will not be logged off over a long weekend. I keep getting the > following error: > Could not connect to the database > Unable to start database server > [Sybase][ODBC Driver][SQL Anywhere]Unable to start database > server > Error

If -n appears after a database file name, the switch is a database switch. -sm Provides an alternate database server name that can be used to access the read-only mirror database. The database server can be configured to listen for more thanone server name for a particular database server. Sometimes the sybase drivers are over written by microsoft drivers and so this happens. The -z startup switch provides additional startup and connection information.

When a database is started, the server checks the database to see if it contains a collection of pages requested the last time the database was started. Bob McCrory [email protected] Eric Aling [TeamPS] Posted on 1998-08-24 08:50:27.0Z Newsgroups: sybase.public.powerbuilder.connectivityReply-To: "Eric Aling [TeamPS]" From: "Eric Aling [TeamPS]" <[email protected]>Subject: Re: Unable to Start Database EngineDate: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 10:50:27 Note that you cannot configure the maximum number of pages collected or specify the value for the collection rate (the value is based on cache size and database size). The database server uses extra memory for caching database pages if the memory is set aside in the cache.

Under some circumstances, changing the compression threshold may improve performance of a compressed connection by allowing you to compress packets only when compression will increase the speed at which the packets You'll be able to ask any tech support questions, or chat with the community and help others. Level must be one of idle, normal (the default), high, or maximum. The utility_db level restricts the use of these commands to only those users who can connect to the utility database.

How To Start Sybase Database On Linux

The server name must be a valid identifier. The -m server switch is useful if you are processing high-volume transactions requiring fast response times, and the contents of the transaction log are not being relied upon for recovery or How To Start Sybase Database On Windows There are two -n switches. Dbspawn Error If I run the PB version it runs fine.

However, your suggestion that Sybase Central will connect to this server made no difference. http://webjak.net/to-start/how-to-start-weblogic-server-12c-in-windows.html See“Database options parameters”. -o filename Output server messages to the specified file. -oe filename Set file name to log startup errors, fatal errors, and assertions. -on size Appends “.old” to the If you have command line instructions (or where to find them) for creating the new database I would also appreciate those since I do not care how I create the database. If you have command line > instructions (or where to find them) for creating the new > database I would also appreciate those since I do not care > how I

Do not use -iqfrec during normal operations; use it only while force-recovering a database. The database server computes a runtime-specific minimum default cache size, which is the lesser of the following items: 25% of the physical memory of the machine. When the PB app tries to connect, it >> will look for a server/database named myMovie/myMovie, >> instead of trying to start the DBSVR110.EXE program and >> load the .DB file. this content If you do, the SYSTEM DSN is likely being used. 2) Verify that you can issue a test connect in the DSN.

To avoid database file fragmentation, when you use this switch place the transaction log on a separate device or partition from the database itself. Has no effect on Windows. If this fails but you can start the database directly and connect to it, it would suggest something in the auto-starting gear is malfunctioning.

This > > started fine.

No solution, no points. YOU CANNOT HAVE THE DATABASE IN THE SAME DIRECTORY AS THE POWEBUILDER PROJECT. If you have modified it, can you ensure that you >> include the values before the changes if possible. >> >> If not, we can tie to resolve that manually. >> If there is an error loading the language DLL, no dialog appears if -qs was specified on the command line, and not in @environment-variable or @filename syntaxes.

Covered by US Patent. The minimum value is 2*num_conn+5. -iqnotemp size Create a temporary file in place of the defined temporary dbspace. size must be to the power of 2. -gr num Set maximum recovery time to num minutes. -gss {integer | integerK | integerM} Sets the stack size per SQL Anywhere thread have a peek at these guys If you do not specify units, any integer less than 10 000 is assumed to be in kilobytes, and any integer 10,000 or greater is assumed to be in bytes.

The allowed values are as follows: N=1 Returns basic information about the file names from SYSIQFILES that are used when opening the dbspace. The request-level log file is then restarted. wasabi wrote: >> Are you running the Developer Edition? The host name and port number combination does not uniquely identify the server.

DBA Only users with DBA authority can load data. All you need is a ServerName (probably "myMovie") and a DatabaseName (again, probably "myMovie"). ALL All users can use dbstop to stop the server.